Phihong manufactures a comprehensive range of electronic ballasts for commercial and residential lighting applications. Our high frequency, energy efficient fluorescent ballasts provide reliable high-quality lighting performance. Backed by a five-year warranty, rigorous quality standards, 100% burn-in testing and advanced life testing, our solid-state products meet ENERGY STAR and other industry standards. Our commitment to quality, cost control and customer service is supported by a network of worldwide manufacturing, warehousing and service support centers.


Phihong produces a wide range of highly efficient electronic ballasts (T5 and T8), all of which meet CE, ENEC, EN5565, UL, cUL and other key industry standards. Each ballast is subject to Phihong’s rigid quality control procedures. We guarantee our ballasts with a five-year warranty and provide warehouse and service support centers in Europe for faster response.


Product Number Lamp Type Input Voltage Input Current Power Factor THD Dimension
L * W * H * M
Single Lamp Application
PBA230U1S28PN-R T5           1x 14W
                1x 21W
                1x 28W
                1x 35W
  220-240V 2.5-7.5V



360 * 31 * 21 * 350
PBA230U1S39PN-R T5           1x 14W
                1x 21W
PBA230U1S54PN-R T5           1x 14W
PL-L       1x 21W
PL-C       1x 28W
Dual Lamp Application 2.5-7.5V
PBA230U2S28PN-R T5           2x 14W
                2x 21W
                2x 28W
                2x 35W
PBA230U2S39PN-R T5           2x 24W
                2x 39W
PBA230U2S54PN-R T5           2x 54W
PL-L       2x 55W
PL-C       2x 55W

Safety Standard: EN61347-2-13; UL8750

EMC: EN61547; EN55015; CISPR15; FCC 47 CFR Part 15; EN61000-4-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11; EN61000-3-2

Protection: OVP, Short Circuit and Over Current Protection

Operation Temperature: -20~50 Degrees Celcius

*Power factor and efficiency measured at 25 Degrees Celcius with full load